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Impact Stories

Maddie’s story: “The Youth Zone became a place for me that felt safe”

I joined Carlisle Youth Zone because I wanted a place to go where I could have fun and be sociable. When I first started, I was scared and nervous and would often cry. Now I am happy to attend, and even when I feel overwhelmed, the Youth Zone helps me feel better.

I have struggled with being scared around other people and in public. During winter and the holidays I found it hard to be around my family and wanted to be left alone. I was finding school hard as I had issues with bullying and not attending school. I was not looking after myself, I just wanted to stay in my room and not mix with others. I also did not want to eat; which my mum was worried about.

The Youth Zone became a place for me that felt safe, a place I could go when I wanted to escape the house and the things I was going through. I struggled to talk to my family about my feelings and the things I was going through.I found that the youth workers at the Youth Zone would listen, I could talk to them, and they would offer support.

Carlisle Youth Zone helped me not to be scared. I can be open and calm about things I experience. The staff helped and supported me by encouraging me to face my fears . I knew they would be there if things did not go right or I had a bad day.

The free food over the winter helped to ease my mum’s worries as she knew I would be getting food and would be encouraged to eat. She could also check with staff and was able to share her concerns which helped when I struggled to talk to her.

I am more confident and happier talking about my feelings. Carlisle Youth Zone has helped me to find ways to speak to my family. I have created relationships with the youth workers who allows me to feel comfortable, I know they are looking out for me. I am now happy for them to share information with my family. The support from everyone at the Youth Zone has made me a better communicator and I know I can always ask for help.

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