What is a Youth Zone?

A Youth Zone is a place young people want to be, where they are free to express themselves, try new things and make new friends.

These youth centres, (we call them Youth Zones) are brand new, purpose-built spaces that are fizzing with energy and crammed with incredible facilities. Every Youth Zone is staffed by skilled and dedicated youth workers who truly believe in young people – helping them see what they could achieve, equipping them with them the skills, confidence and ambition to go for it.

Our incredible youth centres, that provide life-changing support to tens of thousands of young people from a diverse range of backgrounds, have been running for over a decade. From the building to the facilities, to the highly skilled and dedicated youth workers and volunteers;  a Youth Zone is an investment in young people that sends a clear message to them about their worth. We want them to know they are value and their potential is seen. We believe in the greatness that they can achieve. Our team of youth workers are committed to offering opportunities for all young people and are relentless in bringing this vision to life.

Every Youth Zone is open when schools are closed, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.  A Youth Zone’s super power is far greater than its facilities and building; in every session, young people can participate in over 20 different activities.  At the heart of our awesome activities lies the youth work and skilled and caring youth workers,  who are always on hand to support. We know that incredible youth work is central to the success of a Youth Zone.

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What makes a Youth Zone special?

Young people have control to do what they want at a Youth Zone. We believe that by empowering young people to make decisions about how they spend their time, and allowing them to make choices for themselves, we can support them in taking charge of their own futures. From cooking tasty treats in the training kitchen, dancing up a storm in the studio, or simply catching up with friends in the rec area, we’ve developed a formula for Youth Zone sessions called ‘Try, Train, Team’.

What’s ‘Try, Train, Team’?

‘Try, Train, Team’ is all about encouraging and supporting young people to engage in activities at a pace comfortable for them. Firstly, young people are invited to try their hand at an activity, if they enjoy it, they can train and develop their skills with the support of coaches, and they can further build their passion by getting involved in a team, either in a Youth Zone or in the local community.

Our activities create the foundations for vital conversation and connection. We facilitate young people to make new friends, and build relationships with trusted youth workers who believe in them and help them to see their potential and the bright futures ahead of them.

Partnership and collaboration are central to how every Youth Zone operates. Youth Zones act as community hubs giving local groups and services a vibrant environment where they can reach out to young people and offer them the wrap-around care they provide. Youth Zones host many local services nationwide.

The OnSide Network of Youth Zones

Youth Zones are brand new, purpose-built spaces fizzing with energy, and crammed with incredible facilities. These youth club, what we call Youth Zones, are staffed by skilled and dedicated youth workers who truly believe in young people – helping them see what they could achieve, and giving them the skills, confidence and ambition to go for it.

The difference Youth Zones make

It’s a difficult time for young people; rising mental health problems, increased loneliness, and a cost of living crisis means that more and more young people need support. Anxiety and depression are becoming more common when there are less opportunities for genuine human interaction. These challenges can be isolating and have a severe impact on young people’s wellbeing. We need to be there for our young people with the tools and resources they need to thrive and navigate these difficulties with resilience. Like many youth clubs and youth centres across the country, a Youth Zone is a place where we support young people in navigating the difficulties of life by developing their resilience. 

We know from our impact data that Youth Zones and youth workers make a huge difference in young people’s lives; 77% of members feel more confident, 70% feel healthier, and 82% have more friends. You can read more about the impact of what we do here.

Come have a look around

The magic of a Youth Zone is something that needs to be experienced first-hand. Get in touch with our dedicated team who’d be delighted to show you around a Youth Zone.

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