Corporate Partnerships

We’re OnSide, a national youth charity determined to make sure that all young people have the opportunity to shine – to discover their passion and their purpose. To make this happen, we build, launch and support a Network of state-of-the-art, multimillion-pound youth centres called Youth Zones in the UK’s most disadvantaged areas. Youth Zones are incredible spaces filled with energy, inspiration and highly skilled youth workers who truly believe in young people, offering a trusted listening ear and vital life-changing support.

Our growing Network reaches over 55,000 young people a year, levelling the playing field and delivering real change to those who need it the most. Working with individuals and corporate partners means connecting young people to life-changing experiences and offering them a broader mix of activities and support.

Why partner with OnSide

As an organisation seeking meaningful ways to make a difference, here are some key benefits partnering with us can offer:

  • Employee engagement: Providing meaningful opportunities to give back can help build team relationships and increase employee satisfaction.
  • Strengthen talent pipeline: By supporting young people to develop valuable life skills through life-changing youth work, you’re investing in the employees of the future.
  • Brand building: Aligning your brand with an impactful charity like OnSide shows your customers and stakeholders you’re a values-driven organisation that’s committed to making a difference.
  • Invest in local communities: Youth Zones not only impact young people, but are also a positive addition to communities. For every £1 spent on running the facilities, Youth Zones generate £2.06 of social value. 97% of local stakeholders say their area is better since their Youth Zone opened.
  • Change young lives nationally: Support a network of charities making a difference to over 50,000 young people.

The difference you can make

It’s a difficult time for young people; rising mental health problems, increased loneliness, and a cost of living crisis means that more and more young people need support. Anxiety and depression are becoming more common when there are less opportunities for genuine human interaction.

You can help us be there for our young people. Our partners share the drive and resources needed to help young people thrive and navigate these difficulties with resilience. Like many youth clubs and youth centres across the country, Youth Zones are places where you can have as much fun as the young people you will help.

We have inspiring stories to tell you and the impact data that will reassure you that your partnership will make a difference. Youth Zones and youth workers make a huge difference in young people’s lives; 77% of members feel more confident, 70% feel healthier, and 82% have more friends. Read more about the impact of what we do.

Our impact


members across the OnSide Network


of frequent attenders have more friends

over 3,000

volunteers helping young people and fundraising for Youth Zones


of members feel less isolated


of members consider that they are healthier

Partnering with us is a win win!

We work with partners in a variety of ways; from funding existing Network-wide projects to creating bespoke programmes that tackle current issues impacting young people.

Here are some of the ways your staff can work with OnSide to support young people in exploring their passion and purpose:

  • Network wide programme: Let’s team up to address a specific challenge young people face, from wellbeing to employability.
  • Charity of the Year: Nominate OnSide as your ‘Charity of the Year’ to create a sense of pride and purpose amongst your employees.
  • Corporate volunteering: Volunteer with us. Youth Zones offer so much more than fence-fixing or wall-painting; your people will make a genuine difference in the lives of young individuals whilst having fun and bonding as a team.
  • Cause-related marketing or charity product: collaborate with us to create a custom product or service and raise money for OnSide and our Network of Youth Zones while also promoting your brand.

Contact us to explore the possibilities of making a difference together.


Please get in contact with us if you would like to discuss in more detail a possible collaboration with OnSide. We can arrange for you to visit a Youth Zone and to talk to our teams about how we can help each other, and in-turn, young people.