Burberry Inspire is a global programme seeking to empower 500,000 young people to unlock creative activities. OnSide won this opportunity after successfully coordinating Burberry’s trial of the new programme, supporting 50,000 young people. Offering Youth Zone volunteering opportunities and seasonal fundraising initiatives with staff was, and remains, key to our success together.


“At Burberry, we believe that creativity opens spaces and that by helping young people to unlock their creativity, we can empower them to drive positive change in their lives, their communities, and ultimately, the world around them. This belief is shared by OnSide, whose dedicated Youth Zones provide a safe space and creative programming from which young people can gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to realise their potential. We’re so excited to come together with OnSide to support young people across the UK, and to partner with them for our global youth empowerment programme, Burberry Inspire.”

Nicole Lovett, Programme Director

“I recently volunteered at OnSide for a Future Youth Zones fashion show. My colleague Stacy and I supported as judges and we were so impressed by the level of creativity displayed. We saw first-hand just how much of a positive impact OnSide’s support has on the young people that attend their Youth Zones. We were also treated to a live music performance during the show from one of the young people there, which was fantastic!”

Laura Guild, Showroom Operations Coordinator