LEGO Group

LEGO Group has partnered with OnSide to deliver a pilot of their Build the Change Programme at Future, Barking & Dagenham Youth Zone. The programme gives children a voice and allows them to share their hopes and ideas for a better future. Children use their creativity to solve real-world challenges with LEGO bricks and other creative materials. LEGO Group colleagues have also gotten involved in the programme, training as volunteers and supporting on session at Future Youth Zone.


“Unsurprisingly, at the LEGO Group, we believe every child has a right to play and be themselves. Sadly, structural inequalities prevent children from having equitable access to these opportunities. We’re working to tilt the scales somewhat, with partners who have┬ásimilar attitudes towards learning as we have, namely partners who put children at the heart of everything they do and who value play to unlock children’s potential. In that sense, OnSide came on our radar.

It was a combination of factors that made us feel that OnSide would be an excellent partner to work with. During initial discussions, the thing that struck gold was, firstly, how well integrated OnSide seemed to be within the local communities in which they operate and the relationships they have with local people and places. Secondly, how intimately they involve children in decision-making. For anyone interested in learning what OnSide does, visit a Youth Zone. You’ll get to see why they do what they do, how they do what they do, and you’ll recognise the importance of their work. Go beyond the business meeting, see the work on the ground, and then you’ll be able to appreciate it!”