St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation

The St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation have been long term supporters of OnSide helping us to build Youth Zones in areas where young people need them most including Grimsby, Manchester, White City, Wirral, and Wolverhampton.  St. James’s Place staff most recently helped us with our Winter Hunger Campaign. The campaign provided over 50,000 young people in their Youth Zones with a free hot meal during the winter, which for many children was the only one they’d receive in a day.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Catherine Ind, Head of St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation

“I always describe OnSide’s Youth Zones as purposeful. They’re not just somewhere to go; they’re about skills development and the fact that you can learn to cook a hot meal or have help with your CV. Young people may not be getting that guidance elsewhere for whatever reason, so it’s about building those life skills that will help them become independent.

I think OnSide is building the body of evidence of the difference a Youth Zone makes, which then generates support to grow in areas where it doesn’t exist. I know the model is based on local authority buy-in, and as that continues to gather momentum, it will hopefully influence policy at a high level. Youth Zones’ impact will change minds and, perhaps, what services will be available to young people in the future.

For anyone thinking of supporting OnSide, it comes down to impact. It is about investing in something that’s making a real difference at a community level. The OnSide model is changing lives and creating better futures for young people. For anyone looking to support, by getting involved, you can be part of something that’s truly making a difference.”

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